42nd KASTORIA International Fur Fair

Final sprint for fair preparations

The preparations at the Western Macedonia Fur Exhibition Center are at a feverish pitch in the last ten days before the start of the 42nd KASTORIA International Fur Fair. This is the biggest event of the year, which is expected, this year as well, to attract hundreds of visitors and representatives from more than 30 countries.

The Profitis Elias Kastorian Fur Association has chartered two international flights from Russia and Ukraine to accommodate both the visitors to the fair as well as the participating businesses.

“The KASTORIA International Fur Fair is an event of far-reaching financial significance, breathing new life into the town of Kastoria both during the days of the fair but also after its conclusion since we hope that it will be a huge success from the commercial point of view. This is what the statistics we have at our disposal indicate,” said Ioannis Korentsides, President of the Kastorian Fur Association in a press conference.

It’s worth noting that bookings at the local hotels are almost at 100%, while dozens of locals are busily preparing for the fairs in a variety of fields.

“Our main aim, apart from boosting business, is contributing as much as possible to the development of our area,” Mr. Korentsides added.

In terms of the parallel events, the well-established Gala will take place on the first day of the fair in the Kastoria historical center to showcase the traditional aspect of the beautiful town. The Gala will be presented by famous celebrities in the fields of fashion and media.

In addition, for the duration of the fair, a fur-processing workshop will be held for fashion school students from all over Greece.

The Kastorian Fur Association event will be backed by a range of sponsors, including Blackglama (Big Sponsor), and TAP (Golden Sponsor), while in his introductory speech Mr. Korentsides will thank the above-mentioned sponsors for the trust they show in the KASTORIA International Fur Fair, as they realize the significance for the Kastoria fur industry and the development of the local economy in general.

42nd KASTORIA International Fur Fair is co-organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and the HELEXPO-Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.