Amazing Amangiri

Indoors luxury in an outstanding landscape!

Imagine a resort so disarmingly austere that one is overwhelmed by the ‘lavishness’ of its simplicity; located in a landscape so wildly beautiful that it takes your breath away. Prepare to confront it in a setting transcending anything your imagination has conjured. A picture so unlike anything you have ever seen, perhaps only the word ‘harmony’ is capable of conveying it in all its majesty. 

The Amangiri is located in one of the most remarkable corners of the planet, in the southern U.S.A., where the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado converge. 

Covering an area of 243 hectares and nestling in a protected valley, the principle that guided the design of this very special resort was that of making it an integral part of this unique environment. 

Colour schemes and materials borrowed from the natural surroundings combine with spacious but inviting interiors, counterbalancing the severely minimalist architecture and the all-embracing picture of a dramatically primordial natural terrain. 

Amangiri opens its doors wide to visitors, revealing one by one the resort’s precious secrets that will make their stay unforgettable. 

The resort has suites of various types: the Mesa View Suites, the Pool Suites, the Girijaala Suite and the Amangiri Suite. Each has its own outstanding interior design, wonderfully functional layout and unstinting luxury, which arrests the visitor without making demands on his attention. 

The Dining Room will take visitors on journeys of a gastronomic nature through enjoyment of gourmet tastes in sumptuous dishes, while the wine-cellar, open to visitors, houses a huge collection of rare labels and is committed to providing intoxicating explorations of its wines. 

The Aman Spa constitutes a special destination within a destination. It is an earthly paradise, which receives the visitor in 25,000 square metres of tranquility and harmony. Here the theme of total revitalization is realized through a range of services including an open-air, heated swimming pool, the Jacuzzi cabins, steam baths and saunas and candle-lit treatment rooms. 

The Aman Spa also features a fully-equipped Fitness Centre, with state- of-the-art appliances for every type of exercise, and a Beauty Salon in its own area fοr all beauty treatments, where one can also attend individual or group yoga sessions. 

A stay at Amangiri has one more unique feature: imposing views wherever one looks. The wider area is blessed with unprecedented geographical diversity, rendering a landscape so majestic that it casts a spell. Amangiri is located at the heart of this beauty and will remain in the heart of any visitor who is fortunate enough to stay there.


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