“BE BRAVE! YOU HAVE THE POWER!” MEFI’s message to women

A warm summer night on a palm tree-lined beach and the sound of lapping waves was the backdrop for MEFI Leather & Fur’s presentation at the Antalya Leather and Fur Fashion Show on the south-western coast of Turkey.

Inspired by pop-art, the collection had countless intriguing facets to display. With innuendos and symbols in a blast of colors, it wanted to galvanize the female attendees to shout οut: “Be brave! You have the power!”

Fashion is too fascinating to be dull and bland. MEFI’s design team let their imaginations go wild and fearlessly experimented with color in their creative collection of elegant and comfortable shearling garments: blinding petrol blues, titillating turquoises, flaming reds, shining yellows, and earthy oranges crowded the catwalk and made a splash.

The MEFI AW 18-19 collection is daring, unconventional and provocative, flirting with color in all its hues—indubitably the new global trend—and highlighting femininity with its explosive and often unexpected combinations. At the same time, however, it represents the new sensibility that loves a sense of humor and joi de vivre, proposing a positive outlook in the face of bleak times.

“Every woman is a queen who has her own rules and means of communication and it is these means we have tried to express,” says Recep Arda, MEFI Leather & Fur owner.


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