Bonaveri changes the history of Visual Merchandising

Still resounding was the echo of the exhibition Bonaveri: A Fan of Pucci, where Emilio Pucci and mannequin pioneer Bonaveri came together during Pitti Immagine Uomo to celebrate history and innovation while exploring collective creativity and craftsmanship. That’s when we seized the opportunity to interview the company’s CEO, Andrea Bonaveri, who has changed the history of Visual Merchandising.

Andrea, what’s the secret behind Bonaveri’s success?
The attention to detail, to art, to the quality of concepts, research, materials, and manufacturing. We keep developing each collection with timeless effort, and then we make sure to deliver a product that is at the same time aesthetically expressive and technically operational. And we never shy away from assisting our clients with their requests, needs, and problems.

All these years, wasn’t there something that you wanted to move away from?
We have been through the years when the market demanded low price over quality. We have always stressed the importance of investing in good mannequins as tools to expand sales, instead of considering them costs to cut as much as possible. We have seen that those brands that focus on the long-term approach have also saved more than those that searched for an easy way out with cheap products.

What’s the best part of your job?
Always being in contact with creative people, who give us new sparks for creating, changing, and improving our vision, ideas, and mannequins. It’s both a challenge as you always have to be in line with the fast pace of fashion and new trends. But if it were not stimulating, we certainly would not love this job so much.

How important is it to you to make your own “mannequin stories”?
Each mannequin collection has a different story, a different inception and its own personality. In our opinion, this approach, with high-quality standards, is what makes our mannequins different from the others on the market. And therefore we are keen to invest a lot in the narrative of those collections, to make sure to deliver all the values and messages to our clients.

What three phrases describe you the best?
Timeless elegance, reliability, everlasting quality.

What’s your vision for Bonaveri ten years from now?
We always want to provide our customers with new and fashionable mannequins, which are not just products, but tools to express their values and enhance their creations. We will keep doing so, staying on the cutting edge of research and always exploring new aesthetics with peculiar attention to the environment.

The Bonaveri sculptures (mannequins) have lent another dimension to the notion of visual merchandising for more than 60 years now. Symbols and a means of communication in fashion, art and culture, they uniquely capture the language of the body. They are the quintessence of “made in Italy” and known worldwide as they are used in the most significant fashion shows and exhibitions. Adorning the window displays of international high-end fashion brands in fashion capitals, the Bonaveri mannequins are synonymous to quality fashion. The trademark Schläppi collection stands out for its futuristic design and eternal motion.


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