“Broken Nature”

Marina Qureshi Autumn Winter 2016 Collection

Marina Qureshi, known for her signature feminine and romantic silhouettes, introduces a new collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 inspired by “Broken Nature”

The collection is strong and bold interpretation of a classic theme. The print Jacquard used is distortions unreal coloring of Nature, Used beautifully in dresses and skirts with signature lace and induced cuts; capture the essence of Qureshi’s feminine aesthetic.

The classic silhouettes are broken to either induce a different color vertically/horizontally or merge of another texture; fringes are enriched with unexpected color misleading, moving between black. Tweed and faux leather has been induced in this season following the color theme. The collection takes inspiration from broken nature not only in deformed patterns, but also in the strong and bold color palette. Dark burgundy, purple, black, teal chemically discolored forest.

Qureshi has created an autumn/winter 2016 collection capturing the classic outline silhouettes and bold colors. Inducing teal ball gown, black fitted lace gown with use of 3 different types of lace, tweed coat, and embroidered fringes detail.

Reflecting Qureshi’s attention to detail, the collection is crafted from fine French lace, luxurious jacquards, silk organza, tweed, faux leather and crepe. Featuring hand embellished detailing and embroidered fringes; each piece is an investment in a unique design vision and superior craftsmanship.