Chalet Zermatt Peak: Journey… to the top

It has an enviable reputation which has secured it a place on the agenda of the international jet set, but also that of every seasoned lover of après ski luxury. Majestic and imposing, nestling in the highest point of a steep slope in the Swiss Alps, the Chalet Zermatt Peak has not topped the list of luxury winter accommodation by chance.
A destination with specifications to satisfy even the most outlandish desire, this jewel of the mountain village of Zermatt nonchalantly reveals its rare attractions in the heart of a fairytale landscape that takes one’s breath away.
And it is in something like this manner that an unforgettable accommodation experience begins….

“Welcome home Mr. Bond”

It is with this motto that the Chalet Zermatt Peak welcomes its distinguished visitors. The building is designed to impress in every way and it succeeds admirably.
Taken as a whole, it constitutes an architectural work of art. Deservedly then, it has been nominated for 3 international design and architecture awards. The Chalet is a triumph of style, managing to combine in the most innovative way luxury with practicality and the most pioneering aestheticism.
The panoramic views of natural beauty are an inextricable part and crowning feature of the whole experience. Surrounded by superb snowy Swiss scenery, the chalet has exploited its privileged location to the full. Enormous windows, from floor to ceiling, afford unique views of this idyllic outlook and allow the sunlight to pour into the interior enhancing its every feature.


Pure magic…

And its spell does not end there… aesthetic quality is conveyed through every detail. Fur justly plays a leading and impressive role in the decor. It lends elegance to every area, scattering feelings of warm comfort, the final touch of perfect luxury.
From the 5 ultra-luxurious rooms and spacious seating areas to the outstanding spa, the relaxing chaise-longue, the swimming pools, the indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and the atmospheric lighting, there is nothing that has been overlooked: everything is designed and made to perfection.
Experience is the trademark of the excellent staff at the Chalet Zermatt Peak. With exemplary professionalism and first-class service, the resort’s personnel are committed to surpassing the expectations of their guests.
As for the cuisine, it is master-minded by one of Switzerland’s best gourmet chefs, a specialist in molecular gastronomy. Exquisite flavours are accompanied by excellent wines from the constantly-replenished wine-cellar of the chalet.


Key location

For those seeking a little activity after moments of complete relaxation, the precise location of the chalet – a mere breath away from the centre of the village – is yet another of its allures.
In just three minutes, one can be enjoying a meal at one Zermatt’s famous restaurants, strolling along its bustling little streets or visiting the local market and of course …. making tracks on the slopes of the ski centre.
Inevitably, at the end of a day full of exploits and excitement, night-time will find visitors to the Chalet Zermatt Peak unwinding while contemplating the twinkling lights of the village with a glass of good wine. This is perhaps the most representative image that will remain with someone after saying goodbye to this jewel of the Swiss Alps. And is perhaps the image which draws one back.