COCO-MAT Eco Residences|Serifos: Ecological luxury on the “Iron Island”

On the island known for its mystical charm, just a stone’s throw away from Vagia beach, lies a complex of 13 miner residences by the name of COCO-MAT Eco Residences|Serifos. Initially built in 1910, it has been fully rebuilt with the utmost respect to the island’s traditional Cycladic architecture, in line with the principles of bioclimatic architecture, thus transforming it into a summer paradise on earth.

Far away from the usual cosmopolitan buzz, it allows visitors to enjoy ecological luxury in its most absolute form. The hotel’s philosophy is based on the exclusive use of natural materials to create harmonious spaces, where every object serves a function, while also helping to offer visitors a constant sense of physical and mental peace. The COCO-MAT team has equipped each residence with the necessary furniture, linen and utensils, all made from natural materials such as cotton, wood, coconut fibre, natural rubber, herbs (eucalyptus, lavender), goose down, wool and linen.

We strive to offer a tranquil environment. Regardless of the type of residence you choose for your stay here, the materials, earthly hues of the décor, the magnificent view, the natural air-conditioning and abundant light will make you feel right at home. One of the most valuable assets of COCO-MAT Eco Residences|Serifos is its staff, who are always there and willing to offer you anything you need throughout your stay.


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