Conrad Koh Samui

Heaven is a place on earth!

The geographical position of southern Thailand, relatively distant in comparison with the other islands, makes Koh Samui one of the best-hidden treasures of the country. The features of this island are the stuff of daydreams: uninterrupted coastlines, pristine beaches and expanses of dense vegetation. Under brilliant sun-light the dazzling blue of the sea mingles with the whiteness of the sand and green of tropical vegetation. At the heart of this earthly paradise, the essence of what is meant by hospitality is provided by one hotel complex: Conrad Koh Samui.

It consists of one-and two–bedroom villas. Their distinction derives from modern Thai-style décor, practicality and pure comfort. Carefully selected furniture, the soft touch of Thai silk and works of art combine to create an ultra-relaxing atmosphere in which luxury sets the tone. An infinity of blue stretches beyond the glass frontage of the villas. All are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and a private swimming pool adds the finishing touch to a flawless environment where no detail has been overlooked.

Private moments of relaxation are complemented by pleasurable experiences in other areas of the hotel. A day begins tantalizingly at the Zest restaurant, where gourmets are treated to a live show in the art of haut cuisine in which the chefs showcase the raw ingredients before embarking on the creation of master-pieces. Alternatively, the Jahn restaurant initiates palates into the mysteries of authentic Thai cuisine. Dining by candle-light, guests can savour a stunning view of the moonlit Gulf of Thailand, while sommeliers proffer the ideal choices to accompany each dish.

For wine-lovers, the hotel’s private wine cellar offers yet another tempting proposition. Located at the highest point of the resort, it contains over 3,000 labels and frequently hosts wine-tasting evenings. Finally, the elevated Aura lounge provides cocktails mixed by a dedicated professional and an unparalleled view of the ocean to indulge the senses twice over.

Special attention is paid to revitalizing both mind and body. A wide range of luxury spa treatments bestow a sense of well-being and harmony. In addition, the fully-equipped gymnasium provides the opportunity for exercise under the supervision of a specialist trainer.

Conrad is the ideal base for exploring Koh Samui: From discovering the picturesque village of Bophut to browsing in the local boutiques and golf at the wonderful Santiburi Samui Country Club – a host of options. Some guests however prefer to remain at the hotel, enjoying their stay to the utmost. Conrad Koh Samui constitutes such a unique destination that it is difficult to tear oneself away.