Dennis Basso

You can take something simple and make it special with a touch of fur

This interview, the first in the revamped, took place among ethereal creatures floating about in dreamy designs following the Dennis Basso SS17 fashion show in New York. The American designer’s new collection exudes an air of warm romance and elegant sophistication. His creations have monopolized the attention of the international fashion press, making him a leader in the design of all-time classic, luxurious fur couture.

“I draw inspiration from many different situations: from the new street dressing by young people, from museums, from nature. Just about everywhere you look something inspiring is possible. Finding inspiration has never been confined to one situation for me.”

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What do women want?
I think women want fashionable clothes and furs that embody a new, modern life style. Things that are not purchased just for one season.

How do consumers react to your collection?
The client reacts to the Dennis Basso Collection with excitement and with a little bit of fantasy in mind.  My mantra has always been: “Besides making you look good, clothing should make you feel good.”

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Which markets does the collection target?
I think my collection appeals to the international woman.  Today, this woman has the world as her shopping avenue; so it is important to always have interesting and up-to-the-moment designs available.

Fur accessories are a must have. Are they more attractive to the consumer due to the price?
Fur accessories are such an important statement this season.  They allow you to be creative.  You can take something simple and make it special with a touch of fur.  Whether it is a fur-trimmed sweater or coat or a fantastic scarf, fur can completely elevate your look.


How does using social media and blogs promote sales and how do they affect the consumer?
I think social media and blogging bring brands and designs in front of a fresh, new audience.  This new generation really relies on social media to see what is trending in all areas.

How do you see your brand developing in the future?
I feel my brand is developing every day into a much broader world market.  We are focused on the possibility of bringing free-standing Dennis Basso Boutiques to major world capitals, including ones in the East and Middle East.

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