Enigma: A Culinary Amusement Park

Enigma Restaurant is the new gastronomical world envisioned and created in Barcelona by the ingenious Chef Albert Adria.

In a futuristic ambience of seven rooms, the diner can have a unique gastronomical experience lasting almost four hours, choosing from a menu of over 40 dishes, dominated by fish, seafood, and other seasonal products.

Baby squid stuffed with caviar and tentacles a la brutesca, sea snails (spiny dye-murex) cooked in an OCOO double-boiler served in a chilled shitake dashi, oxidized and chargrilled cep with shallots, artichoke salad with roses and sea truffle, sea anemone, wild pigeon with pear and black currants, yuba, stracciatella, grilled edamame, and sake-kasu are only some of the delicacies created by the brilliant chef, who redefines the concept of fine dining.

Photo Credits: moitorne.com


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