Eren Hayashi’s “Warped” World

An MA graduate of the London College of Fashion in Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear), the talented Eren Hayashi has elevated her designs into works of art.

Employing innovative materials such as PVC, as well as more conventional ones like wool, silk satin, jersey and fur*, Hayashi has created her latest collection, called “Warp”, which stands out for the fashion statement it makes and its superb craftsmanship. Her architectural constructions in bright pink and green, black and white, silver and pearl and even transparent fabrics use eye-catching optical weaving and minimal sewing to the best effect.

Her target age group is 25 to 65. But age aside, her clothes are worn by dynamic, confident and intelligent women, in worlds ranging from fashion and art to business and finance, who appreciate the beauty and color in her thematic designs. Fashionistas everywhere have become obsessed with this charismatic designer.

*Fur garments collaboration with Saga Furs and Hockley, Yves Salomon