Exquisite + Splendid


Maricar Tuazon is an up and coming accessory line that values timelessness and sophistication above all else. Possessing a youthful kinetic energy while maintaining a luxe aesthetic, the US-based brand is catered toward career-oriented women in their 30’s to 40’s who understand the true meaning of confidence and style. Fleeting trends have no place here while attitude is everywhere.

Armed with the knowledge that style is a very personal matter, the brand aims to produce what it has dubbed as “sentimental hand bags. ”That is, bags that serve as daily partners—an extension of the self—to women everywhere that ease the daily mental processes involved in engaging with fashion. Dressing up is an exercise of expression and Maricar Tuazon aims to incorporate its unique, character-filled yet flexible bags in that day-to-day experience.

The brand is owned and run by its namesake, LA-based designer Maricar Tuazon-Payad. Known mostly for co-owning La Tou Tou, a platform created for sustainable fashion created by Asian designers, Maricar Tuazon is her first foray into the world of design. It was in fact her La TouTou co-founder who first encouraged the solo design venture. “She took a photos of my sketches on her mobile and was gracious enough to ask people around at her work, neighbors, friends and some [random people] she would meet in restaurants or at parks, about my sketches. Getting positive feedback from these people, she would remind me on a regular basis to start working on my line,” she shares. The aforementioned co-founder and friend continues to play a vital role in Tuazon – Payad’s business career both as an investor and as a loyal supporter to this very day.

Newcomer Maricar Tuazon-Payad sets the tone for her Eponymous line through the Chic Juxtaposition at the center of the brand’s debut collection

Championing unconventional shapes and interesting details, Maricar Tuazon’s debut collection proves to be exciting despite the use of a predominantly neutral color palette. Revolving around the themes of femininity and strength, subtle hues are juxtaposed with strong silhouettes and sharp details. Snakeskin accents and giant studded hardware grant exoticism, edge, and character to classic, wearable pieces.

“I based my design visualizing the spirit and the mood of a woman who has a [distinct] sense of freedom,” Maricar Tuazon-Payad, the brand’s namesake, explains. This first collection has a diverse set of pieces — from the head-turning Aliz to the subtle yet striking Mophia — in order to cater to women of different and of different life styles. The collection aims to speak to women with a clear sense of personal style and identity, giving them a clear range of options to choose from. It’s all about juxtaposition and balance – about keeping things interesting without straying too far from fundamentals.

Although manufactured in China, the brand’s first collection boasts of lavish materials and high-quality textiles. Using a mix of smooth genuine leather and genuine snake skin leather, Maricar Tuazon’s inaugural collection is sheer luxury. “It took us for like 5 months to have them made. Outsourcing the materials is not that easy,” Tuazon-Payad shares. The process was gruesome—from sketching studies to customizing hardware to ensuring quality control – it took a while until the brand found a supplier they could trust to take care of the production.