Fur everyday living

In Italy, the city of Milan possesses the luxurious allure of one of the world’s most famous shopping districts that has beckoned both tourists from around the world and affluent locals alike since the nineteenth century. Outlining the northeast boundary of Quadrilatero della Moda (which literally means “Fashion Quadrilateral”) is one of Milan’s most historic streets: Via della Spiga.

Via della Spiga is renowned for its highly curated mix of cultural trends from around the world, nestled amongst enchanting local Milanese charm. Lining the street of Via della Spiga are some of the world’s most famous fashion brands; Versace, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana blend effortlessly with the backdrop of some of the city’s most beautiful mansions and landmark buildings.

The immaculately merchandised windows of each store feature the latest trends from the runways (that run the gamut of the most influential Fashion week presentations), as well as the exclusive heritage-like wardrobes pulled from the Italian culture. They are a most intriguing site to see.

Fur, a staple in luxury fashion, is a huge trend currently and graces the windows of many popular stores in the area. Unique displays are dressed with designs from the latest Fall/Winter 2016 collections and largely feature mink, making it this season’s staple fur. Many of the designs are tailored to the various types of women and lifestyles on beat, ranging from downtown cool to city-chic styles like dyed alpaca, and raccoon. Natural lynx and fox are also featured in more contemporary styles of coats and accessories.

Interestingly, this season’s furs seem to cater more to the everyday woman who wants to wear a fur more than just occasionally. In one window, coats are displayed with leopard-dyed mink linings, a luxurious twist on the classic down coat style. Other styles feature more accessible-wearing pieces, including structured and classic-style pea coats with fur accents, which achieve a perfect blend of luxury minimalism and everyday living.


By Janet Igah