Future Furfect

The new A|W 2020-21 trends are welcomed foreshadowing the future of a timeless and much cherished fashion-forward garment crowning every female wardrobe. Fur, as the superlative lead of every up-to-date winter outfit, hops off the catwalks – following the Fashion Week launch early today – only to be established as the hero piece of the new season.

BALLI FUR, surely constitutes one of the most interesting trends of the season: future perfect blue neon and rainbow mink coats, plus color blocking details that will challenge every single style of yours! The new season gives imagination the go-ahead, says “yes” to a chorus of color and puts blue and fuchsia in the front row of attention.

Bold and long-awaited in Fashion Weeks, fur coats with their intriguing textures bring the popular neon palette of the current season on a new footing. Shearling, mink, pastel fox and feathers come in a riot of intense neon shades of color in both gradient and color blocking combinations. The warm shades of fiery red, vibrant orange, feminine magenta and cobalt blue catch the eye, without of course dwarfing the classic and much loved shades of off-white and beige.

HELEN YARMAK, Romantic touches, feathers, dreamy pastels and wild styles, create austere yet charming looks and invade female wardrobes while exuding an untamed beauty.

Smacking of future perfect aesthetics, the once status symbol of a whole era maintains its allure in its most modern form through cutting edge silhouettes in long or short lines, elaborate color combinations, intarsia details in tone sur tone outfits, seemingly gaining ground and the new season as well.

SPRUNG FRERES, forever bold styles and accessories dominate the scenery. Modern glamour and flawless chic, may be discrete, but never boring.

The alpine landscape may constitute the ideal white canvas for the color polyphony of fur coats and statement accessories of the season, yet urban combinations are the ones to establish it as the absolute key item of the season.

FURBYSOFIE, the camo mink jacket gives the “green light” to style take-off, setting the statement final touch on every appearance.

Experiment with alternative textures, cozy forms and luxurious references as creativity in overcoats sends the loudest fashion message: “Future Furfect”.

By Maria Tzavara

Photography | Production: GRAPH AVENUE
Art Direction: Sofia Symeonidou


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