Hong Kong Fur Gala 2017

S.F. Fashion Co. Ltd.

Inlay of oversized floral motifs and checkers patterns takes center stage in this feminine and chic collection with the mix and match of different materials and unusual cuts enlivening the designs. In the highlight are belted dresses comprised of asymmetrical bodice, jumpsuits paired with one-shouldered capelets, and ponchos with asymmetric hemlines. Organza is also seen artfully combined with sheared mink to create an interesting visual effect.

Broadway Fur & Fashion Ltd.

The collection, entitled ‘A Symphony to Cities’, captures a multi-faceted city with 2in-1 styles where short jackets and capes are combined with vests, and standalone pieces marry two distinct concepts such as a vest with a capelet structure. Doublefaced cashmere is jazzed up by geometric shapes trimmed with mink and fox, together with the grey, purple and white shades which mimic the concrete jungle.

Dai-Ichi Madam Fur Ltd.

This collection features a combination of materials including silver fox, mink, karakul and Russian Sable cleverly put together with cashmere, nappa and suede, presented in shades of Red. Long coats and capes are often found in cocoon shapes, other varieties feature straight coats or dresses with nipped-in waist highlighted by belted detail which provokes an overall modish flair.

Regal Fur & Fashion Co. Ltd.

Combining sable, long and sheared mink, these nature-inspired designs are presented in forest green shades with inlay of Chevron pattern in pastel shades. Double-breasted detail takes centre stage in the form of wrapped front robe, capes, coats with slanting front fly and capelets. Zippers are used extensively as closures, on cuffs and side seams together with leather tassels and rhinestones as decoration.

Ocean Fur Co. Ltd.

Entitled ‘Winter Camouflage’, this modern mink and karakul collection features sporty short jackets as well as medium and long coats in cocoon or straight cut. Camouflage pattern in white, grey, beige, and black are used boldly in the whole bodice for men’s jackets and coats, while finding more fancy varieties in ladies’ versions – in horizontal or diagonal stripes of alternating solid colours, or intarsia of square in different sizes to create mosaic effect.

Precious Fur Trading Co.

A ‘Birdy’ inspiration featuring a selection of fashion-forward designs inclusive of embroidery, feather and beading. A black tone collection included mid-length coats, long vests with flaring skirting, and ankle-length coat jazzed up by ruffle detail provokes a strikingly cool yet sophisticated mood.

East Link Fur Ltd.

With the theme ‘The Tender Galaxy’, this selection of glamourous sable and mink creation mimics the twinkling star in the galaxy. Under the spotlight are long coats, capes and jackets in various versions of short, medium and long length, characterized by crystal embellishments.

Cadano Fur & Fashion Co. Ltd.

Under the theme ‘New Structure’, this series of modern designs in cocoon and bodyhugging shapes experiment volume, irregular patterns, asymmetric silhouette and geometric details. The new structure enhances movement, as well as proposing an ambience of elegance and femininity. Mink, fox and swakara in natural colour is used side by side with a palette of greys and blues.

Lanca Fur Trading Co. Ltd.

Retro stylings of the 70s and 80s in this mink collection are rejuvenated by modern colours of pearl, violet and grey. Easy-to-wear designs featuring coats, jackets and cape-sleeve coat in fit-and-flare silhouette employ let-out techniques in solid colour or alternating contrasting colours which further accentuates the feminine flair of the selection.

Ace Fur Manufacturing Ltd.

Entitled ‘Le Queen Marie’ the collection of coats and hooded vests in flaring silhouette emits an air of elegance. Dark grey fox are used on collars, cuffs and borders as contrast to white and light grey mink ensembles, while dark grey mink juxtaposed with black swakara epitomise textural interest.

D S K Furs Ltd.

Under the theme ‘Texture of Lines’, this luxurious collection is inspired by modern architecture. Sable pelts are arranged horizontally and diagonally to accentuate the feminine silhouette. In a selection of designs ranging from short jackets to long coats, simple cut and minimal styling are used to highlight the high quality of sable and create an aesthetically-pleasing harmony.

Blue Angel Fur Co. Ltd.

A modern menswear collection characterised by glossy black leather and studs as well as in playful shades and classic patterns made in intarsia technique,. Highlight of the collection encompass sheared mink quilted coats with inlay motif and swakara sleeves; zip-front turtle-neck full mink jacket jazzed up by stripy pattern in midnight blue, white, smoky violet and black, and classy double-breasted jacket with lapel accented by stones.

Season Trading Co. Ltd.

A playful and luxurious collection exploring shades ranging from wine red to light rose, and dark green to light blue, all put together to create graphic patterns on coats and matching scarves. Mink floral motifs blossom on turtle-neck poncho or on long black organdie skirt, while stark contrast of black and red mink and lamb suede in wavy pattern on chic waistcoat and ankle-length coat draw instant attention.

International Fur Co. Ltd.

A youthful and energetic mink collection comprising high-waist flaring long coats featuring white, grey, beige, light blue and fuchsia colored mink arranged in patchwork effect; long waistcoat and belted poncho interplaying colour-contrast in light-ray pattern; and lively bolero worn with long culottes with big patch pockets.

Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd.

Inspired by the Italian opera ‘The Turandot’, this collection exemplifies the opulence of an empire. A range of long dress, capes, jackets and reversible coats with meticulous, colourful paisley painting and crystal embellishment on the leather side of mink enabling designs wearable on both sides. The fine workmanship of mink intarsia, in combination with swakara and silver fox fur, further enriched styling detail and textural interest.