“Fashion is a question of proportions”

Inès and Alain Maréchal, founders of the luxury label Inès & Maréchal since 2000, are proving to be rebels with a cause. Inès is responsible for designing the collections and Alain is an expert Paris furrier, in charge of implementing them. Together they have revolutionized traditional fur design.

Believing that “fashion is a question of proportions”, Inès designs fur, leather and lambskin collections in a relaxed signature style, allowing them to transition effortlessly from one occasion to another. They are garments one can easily accessorize and make their own.

The Inès & Maréchal collections often combine materials like lambskin, printed calfskin, mink, rabbit, and fox with fine Italian leather and wool. Inès Maréchal has developed unique techniques to work these materials so that her furs do not appear too voluminous. Her knitted fox fur technique, for example, creates an ultra-soft weave that permits air to circulate within the fur so that it can even be worn in warm weather. Lining her designs with fabrics like silk complements the brand’s luxurious style.

Ever continuing to amaze the world of fashion, the Inès & Maréchal label experiments with creativity and know-how, proving that what we have seen so far is just the beginning. The future awaits on the cat-walks and it promises to be exciting!