After the huge success of the first two events, the haut-a-porter exhibition organising the “Italian Fashion Night” fashion show during Milano Moda Donna.

The long-awaited “Italian Fashion Night” fashion took place on 23 February in the splendid setting of the Fashion Hall at Via Burigozzo 6 – during the next Women’s Fashion Week in Milan (2026 February). Now in its third year, and organised by TheOneMilano in collaboration with the Italian fur association – “Italian Fashion Night” has become an important date in the Milan fashion week calendar, with more than a thousand guests in the audience at last year’s show.

The event was bigger and more glamorous. The evening of 23 February began with a gala cocktail party before the fashion show gets underway. Important Italian fur brands appeared on the catwalk, from Fabio Gavazzi to Rindi, and from Pajaro to Giorgio Magnani Luxury, Grandifur and Malamati. They joined by Kopenhagen Fur, the Danish company chosen to be main sponsor of the fashion show, which emphasizes a fur industry approach that is sustainable, as stated in their manifesto: “fur is a natural, totally biodegradable product. Fur garments last a long time and are easy to recycle; the production chain supports other green industries, such as biodiesel production.” And it will be garments created by the big fashion houses using furs produced by Kopenhagen Fur that will be the stars of this sustainable show chosen for the grand finale.

“This fashion show is a very important message aimed at buyers from around the world who visit our exhibition and at buyers who come to Milan for fashion week,” said Norberto Albertalli, president of TheOneMilano. “Italy is a fashion leader and knows it has to show this not simply through exceptional product creativity: all the collections appearing on the catwalk are entirely made in Italy, and designed by companies who are skilled in conveying transparency and who take their production and social responsibility seriously. What we will see on the catwalk is how we do business now, but also how we want to do it in the future, in other words how we imagine it to be and how we want to build it, not only for us but also for future generations

About the collections on show during Italian Fashion Night:

Fabio Gavazzi
“Jeff Koons’ pop art resounds in the creations that appear on the catwalk in fast succession.
Revolutionary and forward-thinking, the collection reflects a not-too-distant future when we will need to be equipped, but to do so with style. And so fur becomes couture sportswear: high-vis stripes, zipped garments, quilted collars and pockets, even the flowers are destructured and inflated, like Koons’ flowers. All demonstrating total sustainability.”

Giorgio Magnani
“Sable, mink, fox, cashmere, chiffon and man-made fabrics inspired by pop art, rock, punk and the ’80s reinterpreted with a glamorous and romantic feel. The lines are fluid and minimal; the colours are primary and paired with high-impact secondary metallic colours.”

Anna Grandi
“GrandiFur dedicates this collection to a modern young woman who likes to be practical but sophisticated in her everyday world. Colourful furs enriched with intarsia or velvet floral appliques, batik-print coats, large collars and two-tone fox sleeves.

Malamati Manios
“An extremely feminine collection that uses precious furs fragmenting their surfaces and playing with them by placing different contrasting materials together or breaking them up into skilful intarsia patterns. Jackets that become stoles and vests, with large cuffs, in a clever jigsaw that reflects the wearer’s personality.”

Vinicio Pajaro
“Modularity and multifunctionality are the keywords for a collection that plays with garments, breaking them down into parts that can be worn individually or composed into a unitary piece with a distinctly glam look. Reversible solutions that on one side are casual and sporty and on the other ideal for the evening. Twin ideas providing different moods and feels. Because sustainability also means multiplying the opportunities for garments to be worn, to reduce excessive consumption.”

Monica Rindi
“The star is a modern, go-getting cowgirl. Colours: mud red, denim blue, olive green and white. Fur is used like a fabric, the collection features a mix of different raw materials: cashmere, shorn and long-haired mink, shearling… Plenty of intarsia and convertible garments, like the little knee-length coat that turns into a jacket, or a second depending on the situation and how the wearer feels.”