Legends & Fairy Tales

by FENDI 2016 Haute Fourrure

With a phantasmagoric show of epic proportions against the backdrop of Rome’s Fontana di Trevi did Fendi Fashion House choose to present its second Haute Fourrure collection while also celebrating its 90th anniversary. In fact, Fendi funded the restoration of the iconic monument.

Legends and Fairy Tales, the collection’s theme perfectly complemented the setting and the specially designed catwalk made of plexiglass. Ethereal creations were uniquely brought to life by models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who, like fairy-tale princesses, appeared to glide over the fountain’s sparkling water.

As for the collection? It was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams! Plumed furs, intricate embroidery and masterful technique were reminiscent of the Romantic Era, when imagination was timeless and quintessential. Allow yourselves to appreciate the taste of these marvelous creations through images that depict the extraordinary attention to detail, the pairing of furs and feathers and the geometric embroidered embellishments, all the product of Kaiser Karl’s fertile imagination and the superb craftsmanship of Europe’s expert furriers and tailors.