Life isn’t black and white, so why should fashion be?

Blood&Honey is one of the most exciting brands to appear in recent years. Based in Kiev and New York, founded in 2015 and having fur as a signature element and its every item is umber contemporary and fun. Constantly innovating the use of fur in fashion and exploring the gap between minimalism and plenty.

The Blood&Honey SS17 collection takes you to a magical, exquisite world where all is fur, leather, suede, beads, feathers and color.


Natural materials, textures and colors are giving way on Blood&Honey’s palettes to shades of every range – startling, anticonventional, provocative choices from a dream world. From – beige, ocher, sky blue, yellow, grassy green, bright green, white and black, nothing is reminiscent of cold and darkness. The colors – in bold, imaginative combinations – are a raucous response to the deafening silence of muted monochrome and the antidote to stylistic senescence. They’re scattering brushstrokes of fantasy on the wardrobe, breathing optimism into day-to-day life, spreading the aura of positivity of Mexican culture.


Fur, leather, suede, beads, feathers flirt with color and are glorified in the most original ways! Traveling to exotic destinations, inspired by multicolored flowers and birds of paradise, taking form in unique creations. Wrap the modern woman in a veil of luxury and exoticism, making her the heroine in a magical fairytale where there is always room for more enchantment, more intensity, more imagination – far, far away from clichés and stereotypes.


Blood&Honey’s SS17 collection is being transformed into a lavish canvas, whereon natural materials are like life itself: Multicolored and thrilling.