Luxury can come naturally

Surrounded on all sides by Europe’s biggest and most imposing mountain range, the Alps

Surrounded on all sides by Europe’s biggest and most imposing mountain range, the Alps, with their distant snowy peaks and occupying centre stage is an architectural work of art fashioned in stone, wood and glass. The Alpina Dolomites Lodge receives its distinguished visitors in this all-year-round idyll, in the heart of the renowned Alpe di Siusi. Here bliss ceases to be a general and abstract notion and becomes a living reality. You breathe it in the purity of the Alpine air; you see it in the surrounding scenery and you touch it, taste it and live it through all your senses every moment and throughout the year. In this special corner of the Earth, Nature is generous. It reveals in abundance its multitude of attractions and you have only to fall in love with them from the first moment.

Breathe in… Breathe green!
At the core of the philosophy of Alpina Dolomites Lodge there is… what else, but Nature. Τhe experience of a stay at this luxurious retreat in the heart of the Italian Alps has an impeccable environmental dimension, destined to bond you with its surroundings: a truly unique landscape which astonishes the beholder. The hotel’s harmonious co-existence with this environment is not a figure of speech, but an inspiring lifestyle model being put into practice.

The Alpina Dolomites Lodge set itself the task of re-defining the concept of the good life, applying “green”, eco-friendly criteria to every expression of its hospitality and all its services. From its design to its decoration, from its ultra-elegant and visitor-friendly rooms to its superbly relaxing spas; from its therapeutic and uplifting treatments to its sophisticated gastronomic propositions, everything combines in its own way to achieve a perfect balance. Natural beauty, high-lighted by luxury complement one another perfectly; a visit becomes a simply unforgettable experience.

A unique symbiosis
The Alpina Dolomites Lodge only opened its doors in December 2010. It lost no time in acquiring enthusiastic assessments and vying for an ever-more prominent position on the must visit list of the most discerning travellers.
From its conception, the Bernardi family, who are responsible for its operation, had crystal clear aims. Over-riding all others was, and remains, the Lodge’s unhindered symbiosis and essential co-existence with Nature. Their target was realized from the start by their blend of architecture and choice of materials. The prominence assigned to wood is a direct reference to the region’s lush forests; it is complemented by generous use of stone, and natural quartzite with its crystalline sparkle creates visual associations with the surrounding mountains. Glass plays its own special role and has been used extensively allowing the great outdoors to register its presence at every turn, thus ensuring that it holds centre stage at all times and in all places as befits its leading role.