Maja Cornelius has always used her hands to create the items that sprang to mind

In 2009, she made her first rabbit fur bumbag for herself, with no thought of making a business out of it. With time, though, the idea slowly grew on her.

Two years ago, she made her first bumbag out of mink fur and then, step-by-step, the business took off. Buying her first mink skin from Saga Furs, she continues to procure her pelts from them. Despite her small-sized company, Saga has always treated her with great respect and enhanced her knowledge of fur.

Colors—especially bright colors—are one of Maja’s trademarks. With a particular penchant for pink, she combines colors on her bags with panache. And when she feels something has really turned out well, she knows the design will be a hit for others too.

As an accomplished sewer, she knows good quality and finish, and with her background she’s only satisfied with the very highest standards. For the time being, she makes everything herself. When she can’t keep up with the demand, she might start thinking about delegating.