With an edition of five minimalist handbags TSATSAS is presenting variants on a bag design, each of which embodies a balance between proportions and capacity that is as ideal as it is captivating.

How much does it take for a person to be aware of a handbag as such?

Ever since the establishment of their bag and accessory label TSATSAS in 2012, designer duo Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas have repeatedly addressed the subject of simplicity. The idea of paring down their work to the essentials, of eliminating anything even halfway superfluous and achieving a maximum of minimalism is the guiding principle behind the designs in their collection.

The essence of this principle also forms the basis of the most recent TSATSAS designs – the MALVA range. This edition of minimalist handbags in five different sizes presents variations on a bag design that always embodies a balance between proportion and capacity that is at once perfect and fascinating. Each different version can stand its ground as a monolithic object and, simultaneously, as part of a family, they epitomize a strong symbol for modern minimalism.

The small shoulder bag MALVA 1, for example, is the perfect evening companion, with space for all those bare essentials, whereas the design of MALVA 3, with its unusual geometry, represents the provocative expression of the spirit of our zeitgeist. MALVA 5, by contrast, can hold all the utensils you require for everyday life, thus becoming an indispensable part of its wearer’s day.

Thanks to the couple’s backgrounds in architecture and design, Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas’ creations manifest an affinity for both structure and geometry. What distinguishes their collection of handmade leather bags and accessories is their designs, which refuse to conform to the established patterns of fashion design and which rethink the entire process, free of all aesthetic inhibitions.

The MALVA edition radiates geometry, right down to its smallest details. There are no additional elements to disturb the visual rigor of the orthogonal shape of the bodies in these five handbags. They are surmounted by a handle; on the inside of the flap is a removable shoulder strap with an adjustable length. The two largest models in the MALVA range, MALVA 4 and MALVA 5, come with base studs in solid brass.

The minimalistic and yet complex designs of these leather handbags are crafted by hand at a workshop in Offenbach, Germany that has been realizing all the company’s designs since 2012. This studio for high-end leather goods boasts a 40-year history where every step in the process is granted as much time as it takes to produce an item of leather goods by hand with precision and care.

Made of natural German or Scandinavian leather, depending on color, all the MALVA models have their own individual chronological production numbers. The inside of the body of each handbag is lined with soft blue lamb’s nappa leather.

The MALVA edition is available with immediate effect from selected international fashion stores and from www.tsatsas.com. The handbags come in calfskin leather and in the colors black, beige, navy, slate, concrete, olive brown and burgundy.

All images: Copyright © Dimitrios Tsatsas, TSATSAS



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