New guru of style: Street style and fashion icons

Undeniable sources of style, inspiration that influences what we are going to see on the catwalks, flesh and blood interpreters of the trendy looks for this season

The new ambassadors of glamor are celebrities, fashion icons and street style. With or without –very rarely without, we say– awareness, they outline the dictates that go beyond the Capitol look to wear. Many fashion brands are obsessed with it. Street style had long been courted by cool hunters, who searched for alternative trends through new proposals of products in impossible and far away from the catwalk lights places. But nowadays there is something more, because what is cool and what confirms the fashion mood ceaselessly parade in front of our eyes through the net and the social media. Billions of images of real people –more or less, we add– who dress and select from the myriad of firms and brands. Is there anything more comforting for directing our shopping attitudes than being sure that this dress in fact fits the lines of our body perfectly? Can we not be sure that this is “the right one” considering that such-and-such blogger has posted it? That celebrity has worn it even to go shopping?! Not to mention that during the weeks dedicated to presentations of the collections, fashion cities are attacked by more or less casual male and female ambassadors: fashion icons who arrogantly arrive informed on the new styles, on how to dress and on whom they must be with, wearing in advance what will later be seen on the catwalks, only apparently reinterpreting the trends.  And if a brand can suddenly be projected in the world of new talents, and via them, what can we say? Nowadays the fashion circus is also made up of this and many (new) interpreters. Fashion goes beyond borders. And in any case, at least, the choice of which, among the many, irresistible attractions to follow is always up to us. Go on then! We can become new gurus of style!

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