NiceOne at TheOneMilano

The young RMI winners coming to the international exhibition as part of the accompaniment and orientation project in the Fashion System and the Market

The legendary Concorso Nazionale Professione Moda Giovani Stilisti RMI – RICERCA MODA INNOVAZIONE that took place at Alta Roma from 3 to 10 July has just finished. The aim of the event has always been to develop and grow new talent.

The legendary Concorso Nazionale Professione Moda Giovani Stilisti RMI, organised by CNA Federmoda for the past 26 years, is taking the winners of this 2017 edition straight to TheOneMilano, the international Haut-à-porter exhibition whose last edition was a huge success.

These talented young people will therefore be offered the chance to take part in an important showcase.
Besides the very important internships and bursaries that are the competition’s usual prizes, this year they will have the chance to take part in TheOneMilano in Area N1 to meet the press, the world of manufacturing and the fashion world’s market, accompanied by three institutions in the Italian fashion world: the organisers of the exhibition and the two Federations (CNA Federmoda and Federazione Moda Italia), respectively the mouthpieces of exhibitions as a marketplace, the world of manufacturing and the world of distribution.

The guests at the first edition of this N1 project – the young winners at RMI 2017 – will be:

FEDERICA PETERNELJ who won the RMI 2017 Prize – Overall winner of the XXVII Concorso Nazionale Professione Moda Giovani Stilisti and winner of the Lingerie and Beachwear Prize.

The others will be, SARA PAVAN, Clothing Category Prize, GIORGIA MURA Childrenswear Category Prize; KARIM DAOUDI Accessories and Footwear Category Prize; and MIRELLA PIRIA and FEDERICA POLLI, the joint Fur Category Prize winners.

The opportunity that TheOneMilano is offering is extraordinary.

From 22 to 25 September, TheOneMilano returns to the heart of the fashion world at fieramilanocity, for its second outing. TheOneMilano is an exhibition entirely dedicated to “haut-à-porter” and to modern, prestigious collections that strike an intelligent balance between culture, fashion research, and manufacturing experience. The September edition will play creatively with time, and theOneMilano will include capsule collections that remind us winter’s round the corner and reject the concept of seasons to make time more fluid.

THEONEMILANO is staging – in its very exhibition space – an area devoted to N1 (NICE ONE), the Progetto di orientamento ed accompagnamento al Sistema Moda e al Mercato (the accompaniment and orientation project in the Fashion System and the Market) for young people who have just left fashion school or who are setting out in the world of employment.

The aim is to help tomorrow’s talents to understand how the manufacturing sector works, adapting their professional skills to the current demands of producers, retail and consumers.

The project involves two essential partners:  CNA FEDERMODA and FEDERAZIONE MODA ITALIA.




The project revolves around a number of steps in progress. It begins with the historic Concorso Nazionale Professione Moda Giovani Stilisti RMI (organised by CNA Federmoda for the past 26 years) which as of this year is one of the events in the Alta Roma Calendar (3-10 July), developing and growing talent once again.

This competition encapsulates the work that has been taking place for 26 years, with the goal of creating a genuine bridge between school and the world of employment. It has often been ahead of its time, discussing themes that are very important today in the first decade of this century, such as sustainability and multicultural trends.  And it has been a great success, given that today many young people who have had success in the competition have gone on to greater things in the world of fashion, some in style offices, some with their own brand, and others in non-designer professions.

September 2017

For the young winners of RMI – RICERCA MODA INNOVAZIONE, Area 1 is a meeting place dedicated to visibility, networking and business.

The space consists of 6 hives of creativity and innovation, or more precisely: clothing, children’s clothing, furs, knitwear, lingerie and beachwear, leatherwear and footwear.

Here, designers can present themselves with all the credibility associated with the exhibition, its organisers and its partners, and they can meet exhibiting companies and show their portfolio and the garments that they took to the competition, with the aim of making new business contacts and encouraging real connections between the creative side and the production side of fashion.

February 2018

The six companies that will put themselves forward as candidates in each product section to create an AW 2018/2019 capsule collection of 12 items designed by the 6 section winners of the RMI – RICERCA MODA INNOVAZIONE competition will receive support from TheOneMilano with marketing and communications at the exhibition and they will also be part of a special project scheduled to come to fruition in the autumn of 2018.

Autumn 2018 (dates to be decided depending on the availability of the stores)

A Trunk Show in Federazione Moda Italia associated stores to sell the capsule collections from the N1 project. The store will be freely chosen by the company and the designer from the list supplied by Federazione Moda Italia in an initial test area in Milan.  The capsule collections will also be displayed in the store window.
The selected stores will invite their customers to try the new collection and to get to know the designer and their creative background.  The companies will take part by promoting the initiative with the largest assortment possible. Federazione Moda Italia will publicise the stores’ values in the future. TheOneMilano and its partners will give the Trunk Show access to all their social network channels to extend its reach even further.