Nicolas Theil: A lone wolf

In French designer Nicolas Theil’s atelier, art meets technology and is transubstantiated into fashion

Mink Clutch

With a background in engineering, Theil discovered 3D printing in 2013 and has creatively incorporated it into his designs since then. He loves to experiment and transform unlikely materials, such as exotic leathers, precious metals and fur, into accessories and jewelry for a very upscale clientele.

The subtitle to his new Fall 2016 “Wolf” line is: “The protector of forests; it is king and regulates the food chain.” Indeed, in his enticing universe, style is a very personal affair and every piece has a story to tell.

Theil weaves an amazing world of imaginative forms while waving a definite goodbye to monotony in style. With his talent, he is a shining example of a young designer expected to pioneer much along the avenue of style.

pochette multicolor-pochette
Left: Large egg, plunged lamb, unique piece – Right: Large egg, plunged lamb, crocodile, unique piece

Wolfbag Antilope


Croco Bracelet