Norwegian Type

From March 2018, customers will be able to buy exclusive fox skins at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions. The skins go under the name Norwegian Type – the finest fox fur of the world.

A Fashion Darling
Norwegian Type fox skins are renowned for their unique texture, dense underwool and majestic, springy guard hairs. They provide amazing design possibilities for the discerning and creative designers. “The use of fox skins is well known in the world of fashion, and it is frequently being incorporated by leading brands. With the introduction of Norwegian Type we aim to meet the brands who will not compromise on quality” says Julie Maria Iversen, V.P. Creativity & Design at Kopenhagen Fur.

Uncompromised Quality
Norwegian Type fox skins possess a subtle flow and shades shifting from underwool to guard hairs, which give Norwegian Type fur depth and character. A colour and tactility reference to Norway’s mountainous landscapes, deep fjords’ rippling water and clean arctic air.
The secret behind the uncompromised quality of Norwegian Type fur, is 100 years of breeding and grading experience and know-how handed down through the generations of family owned farms and fur trade experts. The highest animal welfare standards and best farm management practices secure certification in Norway. “Unique features, unrivalled farming skills and uncompromised quality are the reasons why Norwegian Type fur is a strong match for the international, high-end fashion world” Julie Maria Iversen sums up.