SALA SILVERMINE, A journey to the centre of the Earth

Without a doubt, this is one of the most original and interesting concepts anywhere. It concerns the Sala Silvermine, one of Sweden’s historical treasures, a place where silver was mined for many centuries. The underground environment is what remains of the hard work searching for silver during the 16th-19th centuries. Silver was an important commodity for Sweden at the time and Sala Silver Mine was officially termed as”Sweden’s Federal treasury”.

Most of the mine environment was excavated by bare hands using fire-setting, where the miners exploited natural cracks in the rock to get to the silver. The use of”modern” techniques (such as black powder and dynamite) was very limited. This is the reason for the Mine’s perfectly preserved underground environment and beautifully rounded”Great Halls”. Mining was finally discontinued in 1962.

Today the mine area has changed into a venue for events, adventures, parties, weddings and conferences, plus a selection of tours of varying difficulty and length down the mine all year around.

Sala Silvermine provides visitors with an outstanding experience, 155 metres below ground level! For those, of course, who do not relish the idea of subterranean accommodation, there are other options at ground level: its adjoining hostel, which combines comfort with beauty in a more conventional version of hospitality. Dating back to 1920, the building was originally intended to provide shelter for single men, though never in fact used for that purpose. The interior design has been inspired by the miners and the mine itself. However, for lovers of originality and collectors of novel experiences, the underground beautiful B&B from 1920’s or the more spectacular Mine Suite are undoubtedly the first choice. They offer the comfort of luxury accommodation within the most unexpected and original surroundings.

It is no wonder that they have been described as “the most progressive and improbable hotel rooms in the world”! The temperature in the mine is always around three degrees Celsius but in the heated conference halls and in the suite it is about 18 degrees Celsius.

Sala Silvermine is owned by Sala Silvergruva AB, which is the sole owner of the mine. The company owns the property and the land around the silver mine and operates the tours and activities carried out there.

Sala Silvermine is one of a few specially selected Swedish pilot companies in a nationwide sustainable and quality assurance project striving to improve sustainable development in Swedish tourism.

Photo Credits: Maria Andersson, Andreas Vollmer, Lars Olsson, Gruvtroll Photography, Kenneth Hammarström


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