Simply Rio

The Enchantment of Rio de Janeiro

With its vivid carnival colors and the alluring rhythm of the samba, Rio hosted the Olympic Games this August, but its charm and beauty can also be experienced through the discovery of a city with a calmer pace and an absolutely enchanting style.

From the long sandy beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, which run from the south up to the characteristic peninsula dominated by Sugarloaf Mountain, continuing then along the Botafogo Gulf and then climbing to the most central part of the city, with the oldest quarters atop the charming Santa Teresa Hill, we get a feel for Rio de Janeiro or simply Rio.

Far from the chaos and the crowd, enjoy the irresistible view of the sparkling sea and fine sand of Rio, one of the most famous seaside cities in the world, by staying at the Fasano Hotel, the choice of many celebrities as well (  And to celebrate a symbol of Brazil, the swimsuit, in luxury, how can you resist shopping in one of the Brazilian designer Lenny Niemyer stores?

Ipanema Beach

City of Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana beach by night

Rio is color and flourishing nature so let yourself be overwhelmed by the splendid and lush tropical flora. You can’t leave without taking a walk in the luxuriant Botanical Garden, an enormous green park at the foot of Mount Corcovado, topped by the unique statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Fasano, Rio de Janeiro

In the quaint Santa Teresa district, among the Art Deco buildings and the mosaics in the parks, the rails of a now defunct tram, the bars and the restaurants frequented by artists and bohemians, we discovered Santa Teresa Hotel, a unique and special accommodation with a breath-taking panoramic view and the allure of a place well steeped in atmosphere. It sports a star-studded restaurant too:

Santa Teresa Hotel

Santa Teresa

A store of great charm – although in Rio there is no lack of the most traditional designer shopping streets – we’d like to recommend the Granado Pharmacia. The oldest drugstore in the city opened in 1870 and can be found at 16 Rua Primeiro de Março, but there are branches all over the city, all over Brazil and soon in Paris too. Don’t miss out on visiting and trying one of its beauty products, which for more than a century have been preferred by royalty and politicians, in addition to Rio’s citizens, of course (

Granado, Primeiro de Marco

Pharmacia Granado, Nails Kit

Pharmacia Granado