SPRING: Just landed

Louis Vuitton

Allow the colors to “bloom” in your closet
And enjoy the rejuvenating effect!

Finally! The temperature is rising, the sun is shining, we’re all getting in the mood and this Spring’s trends – which are sometimes loudly bold and colorful and at other times serene and earthly – remind us that color has a catalytic effect on our psyche. It is time to put away your winter clothes. Allow the colors to “bloom” in your closet and enjoy the rejuvenating effect!

Laquan Smith



On the SS22 runways, designers experimented with proportions, forms, materials and textures in order to highlight a desirable feminine figure, as it emerges from unique combinations. With geometric forms and organic shapes taking center stage, the resulting silhouette appears sexy, austere and playful at the same time, while balance is adeptly achieved on all levels.



Symmetry depends on the choice of materials. Natural materials, such as fur, embody luxury and give these creations that unique touch that sets them apart. As for the colors, bright fuchsia and neon green coexist on the color palette along with white, black and mocha, creating looks that thrill.

Louis Vuitton


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