Fashion loves extraordinary bags. And what could be more extraordinary than a Giancarlo Petriglia bag?

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His new AW 18/19 collection brings out the harmony and uniqueness of modern forms with the style and elegance of the past. The creator knows how to generously offer women the possibility of choice, acknowledging that luxury is freedom.

From this collection we have singled out the FUR MINI QUEEN and EYES VAR FUR, where black calfskin and kidskin are treated like astrakhan.

The first of the two may be a mini bag, but it doesn’t cease to be a queen! The salmon details embrace the asymmetrical swirls of fur, while the shiny plexi crayon functions as a luxurious clasp that guards all secrets. It stands out for its simple finesse, its geometrical shape, and its details.

The second may impress with its size, but it has surprises in store. Beneath the lavish, trademark, coat-of-arms clasp with the two back-to-back griffins you will discover the soul of a small child trapped in the body of an adult. Lift it and you will see for yourself!

My aim is simply to create luxurious and glamorous bags. —Giancarlo Petriglia


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