“The Newcomer”

Peter Non SS’18 collection is inspired by the theme of “The Newcomer”: what has always been known and is not yet known, something that has no word, but brings with it sensations, vivid and devastating. A dark light of soft and dense elements.

The greatness of waiting and of his questions. Joining and separating from ego. The change, radical, of life. Life itself. Continuity and innovation, hand-made treatments and high quality materials, totally made in Italy: deer skin, fox fur, lurex fabric, hydro-treated vegetable bovine leather, calf hair and etched calf hair, calfskin, rex rabbit and cotton woven sponge by Bonotto.

This season Peter Non presents shoes and bags, for both man and for women.

Completely designed and crafted in Italy. Peter Non is the “non-shoe”.
They are not made for “this” or “that”, they transcend function.
Something that you slip on as easily as you would unconsciously begin walking with your left foot.

The name “Peter”, from the greek “petros”, means “stone”: solid, durable and multifaceted in a word “eternal”. The surname, “Non”, is related to the concept of “non-shoe” and embodies the Venetian origins of the brand.