TRENDS AW 2017/18


Nature is reinterpreted through the processing techniques, the fabrics and the mixing and matching of other materials that transport us into a world of dreams, refinement and suspension. Soft volumes, dress codes and easy fits on soft destructured coats featuring fabrics with a puffier hand.
– Distressed Nature
– The passage of time
– Imperfect
– Consumed, Decayed
– Uneven Textures, Prints, Fabric Manipulations, Knitwear


Classic clothing is re-invented and re-contextualised in a contemporary setting. This new aesthetic code is based on solid roots: classic garments par excellence. The process takes shape and comes to life via the manufacturing techniques and the details, with elegant, powdery shades that take us back to times gone by.
– Elegant
– Soft
– Classy
– Printed
– Fluffy
– Velvety
– Smooth
– Status symbol
– Bright


A careful observation of iconic, high-impact elements from American visual culture, including an extraordinary mix of materials: fur and denim, knitwear and fabric, embroidery and patchwork. This unusual mix lies behind the “uniqueness” of every single garment. The theme signals the triumph of design, wit, and tailor-made fashion.
– Send-Me-A-Message!
– Fast communication (Social Network)
– No-Words-Needed!
– Poetic, Romantic
– Patchwork and “Hand-written” effects


The result of analysing youth sub-cultures, paying close attention to streetwear in all its forms and revivals. The bomber jacket becomes a cult garment. Accessories are British-style. Contrasting colours and all-over prints are the watchwords for contemporary youth, not to mention embroidery and patchwork created using different techniques, sometimes mixed together. Sober lines with subtle volumes for outerwear that features geometric shapes and layering.
– ’90s vibe
– Basic style, “Under-dressed”
– All-day/All-night look
– Unisex, all-sizes wardrobe
– Underground
– T-shirt, Jeans, random Mix&Match, Bomber jackets